Hmmmmm im thinking about getting creative and doing a photo/video shoot today 😏
London’s face when I took out her stuff to give her a bath and cut her nails… LOL πŸ˜‚
#imjustsaying but it did happen today LOL @diplo #boyohboy

Ummm soo yea.. This happened today… Imma jus leave this right here #boyohboy #remix @diplo @wearegta

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Thanksz for the love! 😊😊 @oohronnie !!
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MY NEW BABIES!!!!! 2 Albino Tiger Oscars and 1 Tiger Oscar…. YEASZ! 🐠🐟🐬🐳
Since season 1of Making the Band… You were my #1 favorite! @dawnrichard your talent, creativity, and artistry continuesto inspire and fill me with life and emotion. THERE IS NO OTHER!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
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Im sooooo #CKUNT !!!! Just thought id remind u… LOL Song: Me & @_packrat_ “Keep It Ckunty” Coming Soon!

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